cPanel 11 - How do I change the default email quota?

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Mar 23, 2002
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And how does one get cPanel 11.25.1 ?

Does not appear to be available yet.


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Mar 13, 2004
Is there an ETA on this one. This, and removing UNLIMITED email quotas is a deadly serious issues for many of us here.


Jul 4, 2010
This option is so much needed now. So many of my clients have created many email accounts with unlimited quota then post the address on their websites which has just sucked in gigs of spam. To combat this we did some mods which removed all quota change.

What was done
- Create a duplicate of X3 using the Universal Theme Manager in WHM
- Download the new theme
- Edit the quota value in mail/pops.html then hide the fields with a div container using the "display:none" element.
- Other optional files with the 250 value > addpop.html - editquota.html - popsinclude.html
- To remove the Change Quota toggle. Comment tag // line 192 of js2/mail/pops.js and in js2-min/mail/pops.js delet col 4126 - 4304
d+='<td><span class="action_link" onclick="toggle_action_div(null, {id:\'change_quota_module_'+c+"', index:"+c+", action:'change_quota'})\">"+LANG.change_quota_br+"</span></td>";
- Upload the edited theme using the WHM theme installer
- Assign to all or specific clients



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Jul 28, 2004
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If you would like to see what version of cPanel is available for each branch, this is viewable at this location:

Downloads - cPanel Inc.

Basically, EDGE has 11.25.1 right now. Most people wouldn't want to run the machine on EDGE, so the feature will make it into CURRENT whenever CURRENT goes to 11.25.1. I can't say what the ETA would be, but you can keep checking that page until you do see CURRENT on 11.25.1 or you could subscribe to the ATOM RSS feed for the changelog. The changelog is at this location:

cPanel - The Leading Control Panel - Change Log

The link for the RSS feed is in the upper right hand corner. I'd highly suggest subscribing to the changelog as it's incredibly useful in seeing what features have been implemented and what bugs have been corrected for each cPanel branch.


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May 20, 2003
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Important cPanel/WHM Version Number Designation Change

Please Note: Important cPanel/WHM Version Number Designation Change

As of July 28, 2010 the cPanel/WHM version number designations have been officially changed.

Version 11.25.1 is now designated 11.28 and version 11.25.2 is now designated 11.30.

These new changes were explained in some detail recently at the July 2010 - Quarterly Road map - Webinar direct from cPanel's PodCast Studio in Houston, Texas with speakers David Grega and Mario Rodriguez.

An official press release about these changes is forthcoming and can be accessed at this link as soon as it's made available to the Forum Team:
Important cPanel/WHM Version Number Designation Change (To be updated)

This post serves to update users who are subscribed to threads (where this message is posted) looking forward to upcoming enhancements in future versions of cPanel.