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Dec 28, 2001
During testing of the new Apache configuration system, a relatively uncommon but serious limitation was discovered in Apache's internal configuration processing code. By default Apache limits the string length of directive lines to 8192 characters. This limitation is documented in Apache's source code, but at the time of release of our configuration system code we were not aware of this issue.

Under the vast majority of circumstances, this limit is never reached. In public testing of the new configuration system, several users with large numbers of parked domains have encountered this limitation in the ServerAlias directive. This issue prevents Apache from properly parsing the main configuration file. In cPanel's legacy Apache configuration editing code, the ServerAlias directive was split across multiple lines. The new system manages ServerAlias directives in a much different manner for portability between the various versions of Apache, and places all the ServerAlias domains in one directive.

In order to address this issue, we have altered some of the core architecture of the configuration system as well as the templating system. ServerAlias domains will now be grouped 25 per directive. While the alterations are simple by themselves, we've unfortunately passed the opportunity to make a clean change. We will need to continue to offer compatibility with both methods, defaulting to splitting the ServerAlias across multiple directives when needed.

These changes will require significant testing, especially in the area of compatibility with our initially release configuration code.



We are sorry that this discovery will postpone the release dates by 1 week as while the issue has been resolved, further testing is necessary before the code can be released.


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Oct 28, 2006
Thank you very much for the update and keeping us informed.