In Progress [CPANEL-30925] /webmail redirect


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Nov 10, 2015
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I missed this thread and opened a new thread New Thread - has started dispalying 'Cpanel is Connecting ....' page

The suggested 'tweak setting' solution in this thread does help, but it doesn't resolve the issue. When visiting, the 'cPanel is redirecting ....' screen still flashes briefly which is extremely naff (no apparent ***** function). More worrying, as said by hiredgeek, is the security aspect.

Please can someone advise:
(i) why would this issue apparently randomly start happening on any given cPanel server. I run more than one cPanel sever and this has only happened with one server, others with the same settings aren't affected and continue to happily redirect to without any issues;
(ii) whether the 'fix' will revert to the previous behaviour i.e. no intermediate 'cPanel is redirecting ....' screen flash and a redirect straight to


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Oct 19, 2014
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It's normal for the screen to show up for a few seconds while cPanel chooses the best-fit URL, so that part isn't abnormal. If you're experiencing the issue in this thread you will actually get stuck on that redirecting page for an extended period of time instead of having it take you to the correct URL.

If you're just seeing that screen for a few seconds, this sounds like things are working as intended.