In Progress CPANEL-35918 - Unlimited mailboxes, size limited to disk quota


Feb 11, 2021
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Root Administrator

One of our clients asked for the "said" feature mentionned in the title, which is described as such :

Considering how much mailbox modifications have been made recently by them, they would like to give their client full control over creating/modifying/deleting mailboxes on an account, but those mailboxes' size are limited to the disk quota when creating/modifying them.

Right now the disk/package quota works fine, but when creating or modifying mail accounts, you can clearly go over the said limit. And when the quota is full, let's say there's a mail account with a quota of 20Gb created but the disk/package quota only allows for 10Gb, the jauge will say it's 50% full, though the disk quota is actually full and wont allow any other mails to come in.

Is there a way to limit the "Storage Space" form when creating/modifying a mailbox to match the remaining disk/package space left without going over quota ? (This could possibly take into account already created accounts, which would deduct the remaining space from the disk/package quota)