In Progress CPANEL-41229 - Email Forwarder Bug Report

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CentOS 7.9
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martin MHC

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Sep 14, 2016
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I can't see any clearly signposted mechanism for bug reporting; either on the forums in general or on WHM / websearches.

My issue is simple:

1) The Email Forwarder page ( /frontend/paper_lantern/mail/fwds.html ) list all the forwarders for a particular account.
2) Searching this page only returns results of the chosen account, not the recipients.

For example:

[email protected] ---> [email protected]

If I search for "hotmail" it will come back with NO RESULTS.

This is incorrect. Please can WHM / CPanel update the Email Account Forwarders page so the search box searchdes BOTH the forwarded address and the recipient address.

Thank you.
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