In Progress CPANEL-42663 - Adding a Rule to the Middle of a Filter


Mar 31, 2023
Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Why does hitting the + button to add a new Rule in the middle of multiple Rules create an empty new Rule at the end of the list?

Can we update this to put the new rule directly under the + button pushed.

Over the last 20 years, I have spent countless hours pushing the up/down arrows to get new rules where the needed to go.

The same problem exists with adding new Filters.

Let us add filters where we need them instead of at the end of the list.

This should be simple linked list processing from any first year programming textbook for node insertions and a cut & paste process.

I run a massive Global Filters file. I used to pull the file into an xedit editor to make changes. This is something the hosting company stopped years ago because the newbies would trash the file.


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