Feb 9, 2004
hi everybody,
this is prob dumb problem but i cant seem to get through it, im trying to add a 2nd domain name www.example.net that will be directed to a sub domain of my current host that uses cpanel 6. heres problem when i click on add-on domain and enter the info and where it should go to i get this message

Addon Domain Maintenance

Addon Domain Addition

Domain already exists, it was not added.

Nameserver ips for newname.net are: ***.**.***.**,***.**.***.** send to CONTACTEMAIL (3) [3] Sorry, a DNS entry for newname.net already exists, please delete it first

www.newname.net has been setup. It can be accessed via the subdomain newname.myserver.com . Ftp access has been granted with the username newname and the password **** .

my question is as a user how do i delete the dns entry? and when i go to add on domains it shows none listed even tho said it was setup


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Jun 15, 2003
There is numerous places it could be:

1) /var/named/

* Make sure there isn't a zone record for it.

2) /etc/named.conf

* Make sure there isn't any mention of it

3) /etc/localdomains

* Make sure it's not listed

Check those three places first, make sure you can't find it anywhere :)