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Feb 15, 2013
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I have a cPanel account on a server, with disk space consumption of around 408GB currently. The space is used for backup of data from other servers.

As I have root access to this server, the cPanel account is configured to any disk space needed with no limit, so I could either modify the cpanel account and give a very high disk space quota limit, let's say 1TB, or just indicate unlimited.

In any of the 1TB or unlimited case, when I use rsync via shell from another server, or even if I login to cPanel and use file manager, currently at 40XGB, I get disk quota limit error:

rsync: mkstemp "MY_FILE/FOLDER_TO_BE_BACKED_UP" failed: Disk quota exceeded (122)

cPanel file manager also gives an error saying about IO limit and disk quota...

Obviously, my 1TB or unlimited indication is not taken into consideration.

What could be wrong?