Jan 16, 2014
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Hi all,

This is a bit of an unusual and long problem so I'm hoping there is something really simple that im missing to fix this. Any help is appreciated :)


I am moving servers and created a full cPanel backup and moved it over from the old server into the home directory of the new server. I accessed the server via SSH as a root user and restored the package using the /scripts/restorepkg command. Everything validated and seemed to be fine. If I log into cPanel as the reseller I can "Switch Accounts" to the newly created account and also access the content by going to http://IP/~user/. I can also log into the account in cPanel using the username and password from the account on the previous server.

However... In WHM under "List Accounts" the account is not listed anywhere and is nowhere to be seen, even though it can still be accessed from the web and under cPanel if I log in with the username and password.

I contacted my host who "restarted the cPanel service" and after that the account still doesnt show in WHM and now doesnt show under "Switch Accounts" when logged in as reseller. The account can still be accessed using the IP and if i log in with the user and password.

Weird! :confused:

The host cant do anything more but direct me here and show me this post from 2010 which sounds like the exact same problem

From the post above I have done the following:
"/scripts/upcp", "/scripts/fixeverything" and "/scripts/updateuserdomains" and also tried "/scripts/upcp --force" and "/scripts/updateuserdomains --verbose"

Unfortunately none of the above scripts have made any changes :confused:

This is the third time I have tried restoring and on a second provision of the server from the host and the same problem every time when restoring a full cPanel backup!

Please help :confused:


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Are you able to view the account under "List Accounts" in Web Host Manager if you are logged in as "root" instead of the reseller username? It seems like the issue here is likely the ownership of the account. You can modify it so it's owned by the reseller via:

"WHM Home » Account Functions » Modify an Account"

Thank you.