cPanel and ClamAV plugin post-install error message


Jun 29, 2010
Hello, I used WHM to install the ClamAV plugin although it was already installed on the server, so I guess it reinstalled it. I was trying to update it to 0.96.1 since the server kept nagging me about it. Originally I tried to update it with the source files through command line with ./configure, make, make install and all that jazz, but, like most installs in linux, it didn't work and it still said that it 0.96 instead of 0.96.1.

Anyways, now that the install was finished through WHM, when I try to run the tools through command line (freshclam and clamscan) I get the following error message and then terminates:

ERROR: This tool requires libclamav with functionality level 53 or higher (current f-level: 51)

Before the installation through WHM this did not happen so obviously something changed after the install.

Question is, how do I fix this? I am running RHEL 4 with cPanel 11.25.0-C46156.