Cpanel and Webmail Access with SSL and proxy? Featurerequest?


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Feb 25, 2004
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Cpanel offers the option Tweak Settings-> Redirection since years. It is stated that these options are for the subdirectories /cpanel /webmail etc.

The option "Always redirect to SSL" seems to be working both with the subdirectory style "domain.tld/cpanel" and the proxy subdomain styl cpanel.domain.tld.

But the other options like redirection are not working for the proxy/subdomain access method.

When using cpanel.domain.tld you will be redirected to a html page with a link https://cpanel.domain.tld:2086 on it.

If you have a wildcard cert for hostname of the whole server it would be nice if all accountsholders will be redirected to a https://cpanel.hostname.tld

To get it right in the first place a loginportal under one domain would be nice.
https://accounts.serverdomain.tld (no ports, no strings, proper ssl cert, no warnings).

If you have more than one cpanel server it might be nice to allow one
https://accounts.serverdomain.tld for all cpanels servers. Nothing would change if accounts are moved
between servers from a customer point of view.

Till today no clean encrypted access to cpanel and webmail without ports is possible with a server wildcard ssl.
The selfcert pain might be solved when every CA got hacked ,-( but I don't see getting a cert and a dedicated ip for every account on cpanel.

So an access via https://webmail|cpanel.serverdomain.tld with a wildcard cert should be possible.
And it is not. 11.32 or 11.34? If I am wrong, I am eager to get a hint. Thanks.