Cpanel API question + discussion


Mar 10, 2010
Dear CPANEL community,

I ask your help :)

Right now I am working on a project that after the release has to deal with the following tasks:

- manage different hosting accounts on different servers from one place, which includes:
1) adding domains
2) adding MySQL databases
3) parking domains
4) uploading files to server
5) etc. etc. etc. ...

To keep it short - this system has to be able to manage dozens (maybe even hundreds) of different hosting accounts from one place (server). Note: some of the accounts without root access.

After some research programmers came to a conclusion that cPanel API does not allow to perform actions with domains and databases from outside! Maybe I am wrong? Programmers that did the research tell me that it is impossible without special scripts that has to be placed in the root directories and must be available to rest of the internet :confused: Is that correct? or there are some ways to accomplish needed tasks?

Again, what I want to do is a system (panel) that will make my life easier and allow me to manage (add\delete\modify) my sites that are hosted on huge amount of servers across Internet. Does cPanel API allow me to do this?

Sorry for my English :) Sometimes it is not perfect )

Eagerly waiting for a reply :D

With best wishes,


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