Jan 16, 2003
I want to reinstall a cpanel server with a new CentOs and Cpanel 11. There are not much accounts running on that server. So i wanted to do backups of all accounts and restore them after the machine is reinstalled.

What i wanted to know is: Is everything of a clients account backed up inside the account backup file? What about mail accounts, passwords of that mail accounts, Mailman etc... :)

Do SSL enabled accounts with own dedicated ip get backed up correctly too? Are there any drawbacks of restoring an account i should know of before doing this?

Is it a problem to restore a Cpanel 10 backup on Cpanel 11 on the reinstalled server?

Thanks for your help! :)
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Feb 17, 2002
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Usually I run the /scripts/pkgacct username command.

This will backup everything for you (same as the backup in the cPanel).

For the SSL stuff, I always copy the KEY, CRT and .CAbundle files on the individual accounts. That's all located in the /usr/share/ssl directory.

I have not had any issues installing accounts that were backed up on cPanel 10 and going to 11. You will want to be sure that you do not change your MySQL version in the mix (mysql 4 to mysql 5 - and also for good measure, keep PHP4 OR PHP5, don't upgrade your users without their knowledge on that as it can break some scripts).

Hope that helps.