Cpanel Backup Restore Error and Missing Database Files


Feb 4, 2013
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Hey guys, I hope you're all well tonight.

I'm having a bit of a scare..I backed up my old hosting providers Cpanel files (I can't remember which method I used now..) way back in November and have only just got round to trying to restore them with my new host. I know it seems if I left them for a few months that they aren't that important but one of them is my sisters website which she has been on my case for ages to restore..

Anyway I asked my new host to restore my backup and they got back to me with the following email message :-


The given backup file seems corrupted. We are getting the below error while restoring.
Sorry, we were unable to restore the account. Information about's primary domain is either missing or corrupt.

Please re upload a fresh backup file so that I can try restoring the files."

I guess this makes sense as I'm not using that main domain anymore and it was deleted from my cpanel. However, I'm now trying to manual put a couple of my websites back as I don't want most websites in the backup file..but I can't for the life of me find the database files!!

Yes, I've done a search and seen that they're likely to be in the lib/ folder but nothing like that exists in this backup! And if my databases are missing I doubt that my old host will have kept them from November :((

Have I royally messed up or is there somewhere I can find the files? I'm attaching a screenshot of the inside of my backup folder. Any ideas..?

I really really appreciate this!



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May 12, 2004
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You can do this but not by using the cpanel backup file to restore.

Get Winrar or another type of compression utility
Unpack the cpanel backup on your PC and you can copy all files needed to new website home dir.
You can find database dump in Mysql folder - just create a new database and in phpmyadmin import the db dump file.

There is no other way to do it except to pull out what can be used from the cpanel backup and by FTP and SQL tools re-construct the account files.