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cPanel Backup Script (dofullbackup.html)

Discussion in 'Data Protection' started by oscartapa, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. oscartapa

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    Oakville, ON, Canada
    I have found the following script on this forum and other forums.

    Has anyone been successful in FTP'ng in active mode, not passive mode? I tried $ftpmode = "ftp" and the output always shows the in passive mode. I tried "activeftp" and "active" and they both don't work.

    One other related question is whether or not it is the "dest" variable that is used by dofullbackup.html.

    // PHP script to allow periodic cPanel backups automatically.
    // Based on script posted by max.hedroom in forums
    //   This script contains passwords.  KEEP ACCESS TO THIS FILE SECURE!
    // Info required for cPanel access
    $cpuser = ""; // Username used to login to CPanel
    $cppass = ""; // Password used to login to CPanel
    $domain = ""; // Domain name where CPanel is run
    $skin = "x"; // Set to cPanel skin you use (script won't work if it doesn't match)
    // Info required for FTP host
    $ftpuser = ""; // Username for FTP account
    $ftppass = ""; // Password for FTP account
    $ftphost = ""; // Full hostname or IP address for FTP host
    $ftpmode = "ftp"; // FTP mode ("ftp" for active, "passiveftp" for passive)
    // Notification information
    $notifyemail = ""; // Email address to send results
    // Secure or non-secure mode
    $secure = 0; // Set to 1 for SSL (requires SSL support), otherwise will use standard HTTP
    // Set to 1 to have web page result appear in your cron log
    $debug = 0;
    // *********** NO CONFIGURATION ITEMS BELOW THIS LINE *********
    if ($secure) {
       $url = "ssl://".$domain;
       $port = 2083;
    } else {
       $url = $domain;
       $port = 2082;
    $socket = fsockopen($url,$port);
    if (!$socket) { echo "Failed to open socket connection... Bailing out!\n"; exit; }
    // Encode authentication string
    $authstr = $cpuser.":".$cppass;
    $pass = base64_encode($authstr);
    $params = "dest=$ftpmode&email=$notifyemail&server=$ftphost&user=$ftpuser&pass=$ftppass&submit=Generate Backup";
    // Make POST to cPanel
    fputs($socket,"POST /frontend/".$skin."/backup/dofullbackup.html?".$params." HTTP/1.0\r\n");
    fputs($socket,"Host: $domain\r\n");
    fputs($socket,"Authorization: Basic $pass\r\n");
    fputs($socket,"Connection: Close\r\n");
    // Grab response even if we don't do anything with it.
    while (!feof($socket)) {
      $response = fgets($socket,4096);
      if ($debug) echo $response;

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