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May 29, 2017
South Africa
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I trust you are well.

I am trying to figure out how to change the standard cPanel backup script slightly.

At present, the script seems to:

1 - Creates compressed backups of each account.
2 - Temporarily stores the backups in the defined backup directory.
3 - Copies the backup to a defined remote destination.
4 - Removes all the backups from the predefined backup directory.

The slight modification I would like is:

1 - Create a compressed backup file for the first account.
2 - Temporarily store that backup in the defined backup directory.
3 - Transport the backup file to the predefined remote directory.
4 - Delete the backup for the first account.
repeat steps 1-3 for each account.

The benefit of this is that the backup destination only needs to be as big as the largest account on the server as opposed to being as big as the sum of all accounts on the server.

Is this possible?
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May 20, 2003
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There is no way for you to modify the actual script itself. But you can vote on existing Feature Requests already posted with proposed changes on our Feature Requests site located here:
cPanel & WHM Feature Requests
(You'll need to register an account there if you do not already have one.)

Or, feel free to post a new Feature Request with your own proposed modifications.

You can use the search tool, top right corner of that site to search for the term backup to locate other related Feature Requests.