Jun 3, 2020
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hi everyone.
recently i start with new server which has windows server 2012 R2 and inside it hyper-v has been activated wich has centos 7 and all the company web site is running on this centos server. furthermore , WHM is running on this centos server and ever single site has their own cpanel so i face with serious problem about how can mange this sites backup. as far as i know i can make full backup on cpanel but it made larg files about 6 gig per site and is impossible to download every single one . on the other hand we have 2TB hard on our windows server and it would be amazing if i find way to internal transport between centos and windows server to transport these files to storage and dont use my network traffic on site because it has monthly limit.
i would appreciated if you provide me with a solution.


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Nov 20, 2019
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Hello @jahadmd

Thank you for contacting cPanel! You will likely need to set up an FTP server on the host server and allow the guest VM to connect to the FTP server. You can then add the FTP server as an "Additional Backup Destination" in the Backup Configuration interface in WHM:


By adding the Windows Server hypervisor as an FTP destination, the cPanel backup system should automatically transfer completed backups from the guest VM to the host server.

Note there may be other ways to transfer files between the VM and the hypervisor, although those would not involve the cPanel software in any way. For more information refer to this 3rd party page: