cPanel bandwidth usage bug/problem


Oct 8, 2004
I have an interesting bug in cPanel with cPanel not counting bandwidth on the specified hosting account.

NOTE: Domain names below have been changed for privacy reasons.

A customer has an account created such as Web host manager says this customer has used 55gb in monthly bandwidth when they are given 20gb in bandwidth. By default accounts get a message displayed saying "bandiwdth usage met" when they have reached their 20gb in monthly bandwidth. But that is not happening. To get back on track. The domain has used 120mb in bandwidth so far for this month and it also says the customer has used 120mb out of 20gb in bandwidth so far. Now, they have an addon domain in their account, and their addon domain has used 55gb in bandwidth. But cPanel is not counting this to the total of the main account

When viewing the bandwidth usage in web host manager, it is displaying the total for the root domain as being 55gb. It also displays all sub-domains and addon domains bandwidth usage, but overall it says the domain has used 55gb which is around 247% of their monthly bandwidth usage.

I do not want to charge the customer for all the extra bandwidth used because as far as they are concerned, they have only used 120mb. But one of their addon domains that they have attached in cPanel has used over 55gb in bandwidth so far for the one month. I am going to ring them and let them know that they have used 55gb in bandwidth but will not charge them for it.

On another customer account of mine there is a similar issue except with a sub-domain instead of an addon domain. cPanel is displaying their main hosted domain account as used 43mb bandwidth so far for this month. But one of their sub-domains has used 21gb in bandwidth. Again this customer has a max monthly bandwidth of 20gb. This account should come up as being over bandwidth limit and be suspended by default until the month turns over. But cPanel is only displaying the account as used 43mb in bandwidth.

Is there any known fix for this issue? We are running cPanel v9.9.8-S6 and WHM v9.9.7


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Apr 18, 2003
Lewisville, Tx
We have had this same thing happen in the last three months. I had a ticket in on it for over a month before someone finally replied and said they were submitting it as a bug. Nothing since then though. What I found is that the customer that had this happen to them was using a sub-domain that automatically redirected to another sub-domain of theirs. I don't see how that would make a difference since it should all be recorded under the sub-domain though.


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Dec 4, 2004

I am facing bandwidth related problems too. A domain has reached its limit and is showing 509 bandwidth excedded message.

I went to WHM and resetted its bandwidth and the site was again working. But after few hours the site again got suspeneded then i noticed that when i reset the bandwidth the cpabnel is not resetting the recorded amount of bandwidth used.

It will only get fixed if its going to reset the amont of bandwidth used. Which is becoming a pain. The customer is yelling at me and i am unable to do anything :(

I am using WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-S31 are you guys on stable version too ?