cPanel Beta Question about upgrading/downgrading


Jun 13, 2006
I want to test out the beta version of cPanel for the Apache 2.2 support, and I'm wondering if I upgrade to the latest beta, if I will be able to downgrade back to the "release" version?

Would it be as simple as changing the cpupdate.conf back to "CPANEL=release" and running the update script which would "downgrade" cPanel to the stable release version? I don't want to upgrade if I can't downgrade without a lot of problems.


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Jan 22, 2005
The method you describe for downgrading is not recommended.

If you upgrade to BETA, you should then wait until the equivalent features have filtered through to RELEASE before changing.

For example, BETA is currently on 10.8.2-BETA_191. The release number seems to increment as a build moves through the release trees and so if the current BETA were stable enough to filter through to RELEASE, you'd probably have to wait for 10.8.2-RELEASE_194 or similar.

In the long run, you'd probably be better off staying with what you have and waiting for the new easyapache to filter through to RELEASE. It won't be long now and will hopefully be more stable by that time.