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May 20, 2003
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Chris Banaszek, Customer Service Manager for cPanel, Inc., started with the company almost 10 years ago, and he has seen the company through many changes. Through all of this, Chris has been a mainstay for our Partners and clients, lending a familiar face and voice to our users. Read how he got started and a small taste of what he’s seen – all in his own words.

"As I approach my 10 year anniversary with cPanel Inc., I thought it would be fun to reflect on how I got my start with the company. I began with cPanel October 2, 2002, only the company was called DarkORB Communications Inc. (I have pay stubs to prove it)! We didn’t have a jobs site boasting all the awesome benefits, there was no new hire orientation, and brothers, Nick and Dave Koston, handled just about everything from development and support, to licensing and customer service.

My “interview” was basically a conversation about the job, followed by Nick extending a job offer (on a one week trial basis) – no pressure! The “office” was actually one of the rooms in Nick’s house, in Scranton, PA (and later, the 3rd floor of Nick’s house in White Haven, PA). Add to that, the locations in White Haven, PA, on Kirby (in Houston), and now, W. Alabama, and this marks the 5th location I have been at with cPanel (not counting all the floor moves within the current office).

After the first week was over, I remember feeling a bit out of my league, and since I was on a one week trial, I felt I wasn’t going to be qualified enough to stay on. If I remember correctly, I started to thank Nick for the opportunity to work for him and his response was totally not what I expected! He wanted me to stay on and continue taking care of things. I am extremely thankful he not only gave me the opportunity to work for him, but also gave me a chance to learn about the exciting web hosting industry.

By 2003, cPanel began to grow in size, and my role started to take shape. I started taking phone calls shortly thereafter (Nick purchased a cell phone, placed the number on the website and told me to answer it when it rang). It was definitely “learn-as-you-go” training. I had no idea what types of customers would be calling or what questions they would have, but it made for an interesting learning experience, and before too long, I was on a first-name basis with most of our Partners."

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Congratulations, Chris!