cPanel Clean Install and GRUB problem HELP!


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Nov 6, 2010
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I began a clean installation following all of cPanel Install manual. Downloaded ISO image from
Followed installation process.

The first thing I see is that kickstart file is not being loaded... I mean there is no automation. I will be asked for partitions, etc...

The problem is that I select partitions then I will have GRUB install question... I accept and go, bla bla bla.... After installation a Reboot is needed, so I remove the install disk reboot server (DELL POWEREDGE) and PRACK! I will only have "GRUB_" text with no other thing there... no keyboard no restart, no nothing, the system will just freeze there, it wont boot!!!

I have tried around 10 times to make different install options (with GRUB with no Bootloader, Deleted PArtitions Format disk, etc) NOTHING seems to work...

I have spent around 6 hours by now and still cant begin!! HELP!!!


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Apr 22, 2005

I have never tried CentOS ISOs available on But following method has worked fine always:

Download the 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your processor architecture) CentOS ISOs from here and perform a minimal installation of CentOS. If you want to run the server in graphical mode, select GNOME too. Disable SELinux and firewall during installation.

After installation, make sure Perl and wget are installed:

yum install perl wget -y (for 32 bit)
yum install perl.x86_64 wget.x86_64 -y (for 64 bit)

Then install cpanel as described here Quick Start Installation Guide
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