cPanel Clustering - How should I create the link, one server > all or "stepped" ? hm

Game Wizards

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Apr 6, 2003

I've setup DNS clustering in cPanel. I was wondering how I should set this up. I have server1, server2, server3, server4, server5.

server1 under Clustering shows all of the other servers
server2 under Clustering shows server1
server3 under Clustering shows server1
server4 under Clustering shows server1
server5 under Clustering shows server1

If I create a domain or make a change on server2, server3, server4 or server5, it only syncs to itself, no others it appears. Well, it's either syncing to itself ot server1. Not sure.

If I sync to all on server1, it syncs to server1, server2, server3, server4, and server5. However all of the others don't if I do it off them.I think everything is setup correctly, nothing! is set to Standalone.

So my question is, how should I link the servers. Is the current setup ok since it doesn't appear to be working? Should I do it another way?