Jul 4, 2006
Why is my website opening the cPanel + Apache Default Page? I already submitted a support ticket but they just said some crap about IPs and closed the ticket! I asked if they could look at it and gave them login details, but it seems they didnt. Looks like my last chance is to ask here... - Its been down for 4 days with his page. I need help soon. My host is trying but cant do it!

Is it DNS, IPs... what????

Be specific, and tell me how to solve it. Dont just say "DNS", say how to fix this problem. Maybe PM me if you want some info like IPs, DNS info.



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Mar 19, 2004
Firstly, is listed as an NS server ( but doesn't even respond.
This causes additional look up times and so it waits to time out, then trys the other NS.

Secondly, A record points to your name server IP...

Third, You mail host reports claims to be invalid hostname '*********************************2*********2******200***0********0*00':
220-*********************************2*********2******200***0********0*00 220********************************************************************** 220 *******************

Fourth, no PTR records for (Although this is really not that bad..)

Fifth, resolv.conf is probably not setup. DNS also allows recursive lookups.

It could also be that your httpd.conf may also be messed up so check it too.

If you don't know how to do this, and if your host/noc can't help, hire someone, or seach. Many of these things have been covered in these forums.

Also is your friend....