cPanel DNS as Primary and some clarifications

How many off-site cPanel DNS Clusters do you/your company have?

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Mar 2, 2011
Since I haven't implemented cPanel DNS only, I need some clarification about the minimum number of nameservers for a 2 server set-up (WHM/cPanel webserver and cPanel DNS cluster).
1. Is it possible to run only 1 nameserver on each? ex. only uses two nameservers as the standard requirement: for the web server and for the cPanel DNS only.
2. If the answer is yes on the previous question, how do you implement this as WHM requires 2 nameservers?
3. If the previous scenario has been implemented, what happens if the cPanel DNS only server goes down? Would it affect the Web Server since it only has one nameserver running? I know it sounds like a dumb question because it will still read the primary (ns1) but I've never experienced this and would like some inputs.
4. I just had an idea (I'm not sure if this has ever been implemented) as the title states "cPanel DNS as Primary" since this is a failover/redundant DNS solution, and a possibility of round robin (load balancing on nameservers) if you implement monitoring. The idea is to actually take the load off the web server's nameservers as secondary and make the cPanel DNS only as the primary since this is a system that will take only DNS queries. So, cPanel DNS only has and Web Server has BUT (as how it was designed) cPanel DNS cluster still sync's from the web server's DNS records. So, is this possible? Or would it cause some problems? Any thoughts about this idea?

Any input is well appreciated as this will be good info for everybody on the cPanel community. Thanks in advance.