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Sep 13, 2014
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I have reviewed the Official documentation available regarding DNS Clustering, but I am confused on the correct configuration for such implementation with the following implementation design.

1.0 I have two independent CPanel DNS Only Servers. The plan is to have the ability to add in the future additional DNS Only Servers to fortify the redundancy of the DNS infrastructure.

VPS-01 -> (CPanel DNS Only)
VPS-02 -> (CPanel DNS Only)

2.0 I subsequently deployed my first Web Server by doing a complete WHM CPanel installation.

Confusion Overview:

I disabled DNS functionality on the WHM CPanel Server. I want all DNS functions to be performed by independent DNS Only Servers, and I do not want the burden of DNS functions on my WHM CPanel Server.

1.0 On the CPanel Server, I configured the DNS Cluster as per the official documentation found. In other words, I went into the DNS Cluster section of the CPanel Server and added both DNS Only Servers with the appropriate root key and selected 'Select Reverse Trust Relationship'.


1.0 What selection should be made for each DNS Only server's drop-down in the CPanel Server DNS Cluster section?

Standalone / Synchronize / Write-Only

2.0 Do I need to go on each DNS Only Server and also 'Enable DNS Cluster' and add the CPanel Server there? If so, what selection should I choose in the drop-down?

Thank you in advance for any clarifications on these questions.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. You should choose Synchronize or Write-Only. Here is a description of each:

Synchronize — This method synchronizes records between the local server and the remote server.

Write-only — This method pushes the local server's records to write to the remote server, but does not query records from the remote server to write to the local server.

Note that if you set a server in a DNS cluster to the write-only role, WHM will not check whether a DNS zone exists before you create an account. Because of this, it is possible to create the same domain name on two or more of the hosting servers. If this occurs, the servers will compete for updates to that domain.

2. Yes, the role you choose here is "Standalone" so that changes made directly on this DNS-Only server are not synced back to the cPanel server.

Thank you.