Feb 6, 2014
cPanel Access Level
Reseller Owner
I know that it is not the ideal situation but I need to run a DNS server which will be run on only one VPS. I plan to use a commercial service such as BuddyNS to handle secondary DNS.

What is not overly clear to me is whether cPanel DNSONLY is actually a DNS server or do I need a name server such as BIND installed as well?

The documentation states that cPanel DNSONLY:

cPanel DNSONLY software allows you to run a dedicated physical nameserver. It is essentially the "bare-bones" version of cPanel that does nothing but replicate DNS zones for your other servers. It should only be installed on nameservers with no previous content on them. You can download the cPanel DNSONLY software for free.

but this isn't clear to me ... clarity would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!