Aug 1, 2006
I have a resellers account and I was just wondering if Im allowed to use the documentation from the main site to instruct my clients how to use the cpanel?

I just thought I better ask before using someone elses info.



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Feb 18, 2003
Yes, I do believe you can. That is what the documentation is for generally for anyways (the user). Much like purchasing a product from a store, you would hope the product comes with some kind of documentation on how to use it. You might be a cpanel expert, however your clients may not have a clue to what it is.

Just remember that this in not a support forum for your customers. You should clearly state that the documentation is a "HOW TO" Guide and CPANEL is not the means of support for thier sites. I know most people do not do this intentionally, but when you fail to state the purpose of the documentation and/or to provide a link to your support area this is what happens. This does not do either party any good.

FYI there is a couple of companies out there that have made good solutions for cpanel documentation. They are a lot more user friendly and some can be branded easily.

One is: