cPanel email API Search?


Oct 26, 2008
Hi all members!

i new here and im have been looking on this forum some kind of search email API for if email exist or not?

I have hundreds of emails to administer and i cant really remember them all.

i have used following api for a while with fopen for creating and another for deleting email acounts.

$f = fopen ("http://$cpuser:[email protected]$cpdomain:2082/frontend/$cpskin/mail/doaddpop.html?email=$euser&domain=$edomain&password=$epass&quota=$equota", "r");

When im creating a new email whith this it says if the email is free or not and creates it is available, that is not what i had in mind ;-)

i whould be glad if someone had an example for seraching if email exist, whith an output with answer "yes" or "No".

Thanks in advance...