cPanel email delivery and reliability vs Gmail?


Jan 2, 2019
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We've had our organization emails with Cpanel thru GoDaddy and we were having issues with emails not being sent or received or delays. We switched to G-suite and it seems to have gone better. We have another domain that we're thinking of using Cpanel email (for now at least) and I'm just wondering what role Cpanel plays with regards to the reliability of email being sent and received?

Is it just that Google has better optimized settings whereas Cpanel you have to be on top of the situation?

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Apr 8, 2003
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It's not so much a function of cpanel as it is how isps treat mail from different sources.

Google is a known mail provider and as such the ips it sends mail from are treated preferentially compared to your own ip of your server.

In general if you configure things correctly with spf and skim and reverse DNS then your email will not have any problems with delivery.

However if you end up with a spamming event via a compromised web script or account password then you're going to see your ip reputation go down which can result in ip blacklisting and mail rejections.


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Nov 20, 2014
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Nothing wrong with Cpanel.
It's more likely that your issue is with your serice provider (GD).

I had similar issues with a HostPapa.
There were limits to how many emails you could send per hour, how many percentage failures they would accept before limiting me.
As a small business sending customer invoices by email, they caused us no end of problems.

There's also the fact that you are probably on a shared server, which hosts untold amounts of other accounts/domains.
One of these may be compromised, churning out 1000's of spam emails per hour.
When a server ends up on an RBL for churning out spam, it affects every other domain on that shared IP.
So whilst one may be the cause of the problem, every other will suffer.

Then theres also the server load to consider, if you share that server with 25 other users, you can only utililise a small percentage of what the server is capable of.
In our case our web site would suffer servere lag at times, page load times in excess of 20 seconds on it's worst days.

Since switching to our own dedicated server, I've not had any of these issues, although we do pay a lot more for the privaledge.


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Nov 14, 2017
As suggested by @keat63 and @GOT it's less about the control panel in this instance. Known providers like gmail will get better mail deliverability. Some things like ip reputation come into play here with the provider, as noted and these things you really won't have any control over.

There are also some configuration related items that can affect mail deliverability such as have a valid PTR + Hostname, SPF and DKIM. For the latter the documentation here may b e helpful: How to Keep your Email Out of the Spam Folder - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation