cPanel Emails not asking for password???


Jan 28, 2013
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Get yourself a VPS if you are worried about shared hosting rules that you apparently want HG to break just for your convenience. Simple as that.
Hosting rules? HG wont even say why their system is set up differently from all the other hosting plans i had. VPS for a website owner makes no sense when you don do the development yourself. cPanel have this settings at a default for a reason.


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Feb 1, 2013
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They obviously have that in place for a reason and are not privy to give you an explanation of why they have it in place. The techs you have dealt with probably have no clue why that policy was put there, but it's there and there is no way to get around it despite your repeated requests.

Also, VPS plans are cheaper than cell phone plans now. It's like going to 7-11 for a soda compared to a grocery store- the grocery store may be cheaper but 7-11, more often than not, is more convenient. If you are in the business of making money off your sites, consider getting one so you don't have to face issues which you are currently experiencing. My 2 cents.