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Sep 21, 2016
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I have a customer who really needs Microsoft Exchange but, on the other hand, he has a lot of problems with his current provider. He uses Exchange 2010 SMTP Connector with an external provider.

He tested my server and for email is pretty good so, he want us to provide him the same service as his current provider that, if I'm understanding well, only gives them his credentials for outgoing-incoming email.

I have a cPanel/CloudLinux configuration, is this possible?

I've read a lot on the internet but, every single answer suggests the "best" solution is to changing the MX records.

This is not possible because, as I've said, my customer is using only the SMTP connector and other provider is giving him the credentials for email.

I've researched this far now:

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But don't know if I'm even close to solve this as Exchange is pretty new for me.

Hope you can help me.


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Apr 11, 2011

cPanel currently supports Exim and Dovecot only. However, you could configure a smart host to route outgoing emails through that remote mail server. You may find this thread helpful if you are attempting to configure a smart host for a single domain name:

Forward certain domain emails to Smart Host

Thank you.