cPanel File Manager - Unlimited File Size uploads?


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Aug 21, 2003
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In WHM, under Tweak Settings, there is a setting for "The maximum file size in MB allowed for upload through cPanel File manager. Use 'unlimited' for unlimited"

WHM defaults to "unlimited"

Uploads through cPanel File Manager seem to utilize the /tmp partition on the server, so the "Max File Size" setting actually needs to be less than the amount of free space available in /tmp.

Further, if a user has a VERY big file to upload, they should really be using FTP rather than the upload feature of cPanel File Manager.

FYI, I am asking for these changes after I had a customer try to upload a 2.5GB file via the cPanel File Manager. My /tmp partition is only 2GB, and has about 1.5GB of free space. This caused many errors, and frustration on the part of the customer.

Lastly, I believe the wording that the user receives in the cPanel File Manager "Upload" window. Now that I have the max file upload size set to 100MB, when a customer opens the Upload feature, at the top it says:

"Space available for uploads: 100 MB"

That isn't true. The customer has about 950MB of free space in their directory. This needs to be reworded to explain to the customer that they cannot upload files larger than 100 MB.

I have opened a Bugzilla for the following three suggestioned improvements:

1) In WHM > Tweak Settings, change the default value for Max File Size for cPanel uploads to be "100" instead of "unlimited". I believe 100MB to be a very generous file size. Most users will be uploading HTML and JPG files, which will be less than 1MB, anyway.

2) In WHM > Tweak Settings, you should have a warning like "can't be higher than the available space of your /tmp partition"

3) In cPanel > File Manager > Upload, the wording at the top of the screen should say something like "Files larger than (limit)MB cannot be uploaded using the cPanel File Manager. Consider using FTP instead."

If you would like to comment on this Bugzilla, or throw a VOTE at it, see:


- Scott