cPanel going crazy with CHMODS


Feb 26, 2003

Let me start by saying that I'm a complete newb, so sorry if I'm asking something really basic.

I recently started using cPanel with a PHP NUKE site, and I'm still setting up the site.

To upload some files and modules I had to CHMOD some folders because although I was logged in as admin and the folders were set to 755 I kept getting a message saying "Creation of xyz failed because Permission denied "... :confused:

But when I select a folder and click "Change Permissions " the permissions info that appear in the permissions box is in most cases completely different (more restricted)than the one I see in front of the folders in "normal view"...:confused:

I then change permissions, I get a message validating the change, reality, nothing changes!!! I still read 755 or 750 in front of the folders (which would be enough for me to have write access) but in fact I still don't have write permissions!!!

Can anyone give me a clue on how to solve this?