Cpanel HA Configuration with Loadbalancer


Dec 20, 2020
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Hi there

Is there a known best practise for this setup?

  • 2 Servers for the same service => seen in WHM as 1 Server
  • Centralised WHM Change- and Configuration Management - Modules, Services, Server Version and cPanel Version
My Idea is, that i could place bofore the 2 Servers a Loadbalancer. And when i plan to maintnance on of them, the full trafic would i redirect to server 1, when i'm on server 2 updating/change stuff. Test everything and would then to the same for server 1.

So that i got no Downtime and everything would be online for the customer.

The strange part for me would be the Data Storage, since cPanel route everything to / home. It would be quiet cool, if the Server would be separate and use the same Data Storage.

I'm currently on Azure and HA is there a thing. but don't know if cPanel support this.


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Jan 18, 2013
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You could easily sync the /home and MySQL data to make the hosted websites High available, but to make WHM/cPanel itself High available, it should be supported by the cPanel daemon which I don't think it does as of now. You may use a Virtual IP address and achieve this and have the cPanel license active on the VIP.