CPanel has overwritten our default settings


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Sep 6, 2001
Cpanel has updated and yet again changed one of the default settings.

This time it has enabled "view server status" in the default features list.
This means we now have literally hundreds of support tickets saying "my account is broken because there is a red sign next to /usr or /var or the load ia over 1.0"

This has caused incalculable financial damage ot my company because people now think we are unreliable or incompetent (even though their accounts are actually functioning correctly).

Why did cpanel do this?

Any suggestions about how I update 150 servers to remove this feature from the default feature list?

Can I have any sort of assurance from cpanel that they are not going to do this again?
I thought they would have learned their lesson from the DNS default settings update a couple of months ago.


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Mar 12, 2004
Suggestion: Make your own default feature list. They will never overwrite your own feature list.