cPanel Image Tool Not Displaying Images

Captain Luke

Aug 24, 2007
I was working on my site and decided to create a type of image portal. I uploaded all of my images and all of my thumbnails for said images and gave each set (the thumbnails and the actual images themselves) folders all their own within my images directory. While using the design tool, I constructed a table to place the thumbnails in, which would lead to the larger images. I pressed the button that opens the "Add Image" tool and navigated to the folder where I keep my thumbnails, but the thumbnails do not appear. The tool simply tells me, "There are no images in this directory" or something to that effect.

When i navigate to the folder where I keep the actual images, the tool recognizes that the images are there and even lets me use them on the page, but not the thumbnails. File Manager recognizes that the thumbnail files are images (they're all jpegs and have the .jpg extension) and I can even enter the url of the thumbnail in the address bar and my browser will take me to the image, but the "Add Image" tool doesn't recognize that they're even in the directory. It's not doing this to any of my other images and I did nothing different to these than I did to my other files. Anybody know what's up?