Cpanel Install (Please reply Admin or who knew it best please )


Oct 29, 2011
Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh
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Dear Cpanel,

We have exciting cpanel already which license will expire 2013 January.
well our license IP is

well now we bought a new High Configure Web Server for client. we already install OS. now we want to install Cpanel Software also others Software.
well if we install cpanel then we need to use ip for it because we bought a cpanel with this IP. but its already running so if try with IP then our existing client will get problem so we didn't want to get client problem.

we want to test it, so can we use another IP for few days or a week for cpanel ? because when it is done to install we will transfer all client to from old server that time we will change & give IP . can we use it ? how can tell me. also can we change our license IP ? our ip is so if yes how can ?
also how can we use test ip or another ip for a week ?

please please answer me i'm waiting . its really urgent


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can obtain a trial license from the cPanel store:

cPanel Store

Thank you.