CPanel Installation Instructions (Comments)


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Nov 9, 2001
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I have read many posts regarding CPanel's initial installation. There always seemed to be controversy over the exact way to do the install.

I am glad to see an official set of instructions located at

I'm happy that the official instructions are pretty close to the way I have performed it.

HOWEVER, the instructions leave you at a dead end!
Here is what I mean:

First part is ok. wget your choice of
No problem so far. Chmod it executable.... and so on.

Second part of instructions needs to be revised:
Here's the dead end:

OK... # cd /home
NOPE !!! # wget

latest? what?
That is not a valid url.

Latest Perl 5.6.1 installer ??
Latest Buildapache.sea ??
Latest Frontpage 5.0 (2002) Upgrade ?? ...and so on..

In various other postings here, I think that mention was made that you don't have to use the individual installers, because the cpanel installer takes care of everything ?? Except maybe the apache::asp

But... If all the other individual &latest installers& really are supposed to be run, please specify a recommended order of attack for doing it.

I have used them in various orders, at different times, and it doesn't seem like it made a whole lot of difference at the end. Probably because the apache-asp installer (done last each time), came along and fixed stuff that was broke.

Please also add some more about the procedures when accepting the &defaults& or &q& to quit a routine when the system seems to hang, or refuse your default entry.

Last, but very important, please clarify the issues about Perl 5.6.1 versus the OS's older 5.00503 RPM still residing on the system AND weather to choose NOT to include MOD Perl in the apache building process. Memory leaks from that ??

Anyone, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Drake P.
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