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Feb 15, 2002
I will have to install my first cpanel license (at the end of this month) on a red hat linux 7.2 with ext 3 filesystem and a scsi drive (36 GB) , I will install it on a linux dedicated server.

Since it will be my first installation I wish to know if installation is an easy task , or can have some hard problem .

I have seen strange Installation prices between distributors . Some distributor ask $ 250.00 to install Cpanel , why I Have seen a distributor which is providing installation for free .

So , Installation of cpanel is so difficult to require a $ 250.00 setup fee ?

Thank you.


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Aug 13, 2001
Depending on intended usage for the machine, and based on the fact that some distributors (like ourselves) perform a variety of additional security and consistency checks as well as thorough testing of the software to minimize future issues- the setup fee is introduced.

There can be issues when you install, regardless of how clear the process seems..... it is based on the initial installation of the operating system, mostly. If the install of redhat will dovetail with CPanel and its backend services, you will have a very small number of problems installing. If required packages are left out, or workstation is installed, etc.... you will have hours upon hours on your hands trying to get the product installed correctly.

If you have any questions let me know.


Actually the new cpanel installer should be so be so easy its not even funny questions.

Just make sure you install redhat server