cpanel invalid login from specific pc's. ip changed still same result.


Apr 5, 2013
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Hey now.

i have looked all over these forums to the answer to my problem with no results.\

i run a printing company in a mall in Ottawa Canada

i use cpanel for email and web site. from the store i cannot login from any machine.getting "invalid login" i had my ISP change my IP address and i still get an "invalid login". if i go home or use my iphone internet tethering i can access cpanel no problem. i've used 4 different browsers. Cleared my Chaches for each of them. i tried "in private" browsing session.

so event after my IP changed none of my PC's in my store will acess Cpanel
i check the ipblock list none are showing.

only reason why i posted here because i have tried everything possible and we need access to our web mail.

our login credentials are correct seeing how we can access from any machine outside our store.

perhaps Cpanel maybe blocked our MAC address to our router or PC?

Please HELP!

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 27, 2006
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I'm not aware of a function in cPanel or an addon product that blocks using mac addresses.

When you say you've checked the ipblock list, do you mean you've checked iptables --list or similar via ssh? Is csf installed or cPHulk enabled?