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Jan 5, 2022
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By default we already know that cpanel will increase its values annually.
However there are doubts that are never answered not even in contact with the official channels of cpanel, I will quote for topics waiting for a possible plausible answer.

1- Charging for CPANEL accounts brings which improvement for the reseller?
Because in 2 years I don't see any plausible changes, all updates are at the same frequency as in previous years bringing the same level of changes that I use cpanel since 2012

2- cPanel does nothing against pirated licenses, is there really something going to be done?
I simply see that cpanel ignores all reports of pirated licenses and does nothing, as I know I have already made a total of 100 complaints and none were attended to and nothing was done.
Raising the value of cpanel would have to ensure some security for those who pay, after all, why use "original" if cpanel has no punishment against those who use "Nulled"

3- Will we have new and USEFUL tools?
Toolkit is a joke!
I see that cpanel wants to brag about the toolkit that was actually a tool carried by PLEK which is a company of the same group of leeches, in short there was nothing new!
Emails today is limited to the HOUND client, there will be some new tool there, the world has evolved more to cpanel no.

4- Will Glass and Jupiter be redone?
GLASS / JUPITER Theme mark what I'm talking about they will simply put tiny and ugly icons next to the texts thus proving that they don't give a damn about their customers

5- cPanel sees a future for the system?
I don't know the community's perception, but in my view cpanel has lost its essence and is only trying to please its shareholders and not its customers.

To conclude whoever is going to answer these points through cpanel, not ready-made answers and stupid, if it is to talk to a BOT I use the cpanel ticket.


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Oct 18, 2021
Houston, TX
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Hello! My sincerest apologies for the delay in response. I will address all of your inquiries.

1 - I completely understand where you're coming from. I won't try to give you some kind of vague "non-answer" regarding the pricing changes. While I don't know all the intricacies of how pricing is handled, I believe the intention has been to change the cost model from "flat license fee" to "account-based," and was something that had been in the works for a large amount of time before implementation. You can email [email protected] and our customer service team may be able to offer some information as well.

2 - I spent over two years as a technical analyst in cPanel and can assure you that we handle a significant number of pirated license incidents and take them seriously. Can you confirm how you are contacting cPanel about these issues? Is there a specific email address you sent to? What did cPanel tell you in response? Also, how and where are you finding these pirated licenses? I want to ensure we get these reports looked at.

3 - I will reach out and inquire about what tools may be upcoming and if there are any plans to change Wordpress Toolkit and update this thread as soon as I can.

4 - In cPanel version 102 there will be a return of icons for these themes. These icons will be refined and updated as needed.

5 - I can definitely confirm from my end that we have been quite busy with more customers than ever before. I obviously don't know how much correlation there is between our current pricing scheme and our customers, but I can absolutely feel the passion within all teams of the company. If you have any specific concerns about the future of cPanel as a technology, brand, etc... Please let me know.

Never hesitate to reach out at any time.
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Jan 5, 2022
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I'm grateful for a non-automated placement.

However, I see that cpanel only aims at profit and doesn't care about the customer base, not giving a minimum opening for pquenos players to negotiate their licenses, offering a ridiculous discount for those who make the cpanel university.

Every time I tried to deal with cpanel via ticket, even about licenses, I received a simple and standard response

"We have registered your complaint and we will deal with it"

The last attempt I made is 2 years ago and the site for selling pirated licenses is still going strong, apart from the competitors with pirated licenses that I have already denounced and cpanel is still ignoring.

Here's just a print of how unfair the values are:

Regarding version 102 that kills the paper, they should just continue the paper and not remove it completely, cpanel nowadays is only consolidated because of the panel, a new identity takes away from that and any other panel provides the same functionality as cpanel.

Today cpanel is the only one with this billing methodology for accounts without any new useful resource

3 years ago a simple problem of translating the cpanel email page was not fixed as you think customers / partners see cpanel ignoring stupid and simple things to solve.

In IPV6 issues, cpanel is surprisingly late, an ipv6 you enter easily, a V6 requires several configurations.

In all these years I've seen small and big leaps in cpanel and there's still a little love on the part of employees who simply ignore the evolution of the market and don't bring anything USEFUL

TOOLKIT was simply copied from plesk there was no news.

I really hope that cpanel still gives some attention to the community today I only have 20 active licenses and more than 50 managed clients with cpanel license but I'm seriously thinking about moving to another panel and also taking my management clients.