cPanel Kernel Installed and symlink attack still used


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Nov 25, 2011
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We have the cPanel-hardened kernel installed on all of our servers. It was our understanding that this was all that was necessary to prevent against symlink attacks.

We are using mod_ruid2, and after installing this kernel we disabled the "experimental jailshell" tweak as we found this was leading to an unstable Apache configuration. We also uninstalled any symlink protection via EasyApache4 as it was our understanding (based on your article) that this is no longer necessary (and also not recommended) with the cPanel kernel installed.

The other day we noticed that an account was compromised and created a symlink to the wp-config file of another account and Apache still serves this file - even though it belongs to another account.

I opened a ticket with your support team and the agent told me I "misunderstood" what the kernel is supposed to protect against and that "Proper site security administration is still required".

Could someone please clarify what exactly this kernel prevents? If it in fact does not prevent the symlink attack I described above, how is one meant to prevent against attacks like that?

P.S. the ticket number is 8431169
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @CanSpace,

I see that ticket number 8431169 is open to request further clarification about what actually happened, and to determine if the cPanel-Hardened Kernel should have prevented it. I'll update this thread with the outcome of the support ticket once it's answered.

Thank you.