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cPanel officially launched its podcast series Sunday, August 1, 2010, The cPanel team added this new multimedia addition to provide listeners with practical instruction for improving their websites.

Every two weeks, Technical Writer Lindsey White will interview cPanel experts and investigate a variety of subjects to help listeners learn more about cPanel products.

The cPanel podcast team will release a new episode on a bi-weekly basis as well as offer information about the next episode via the podcast site. There is a pre-released schedule for the first three podcasts in the series, which includes:

Podcast Overview

Episode 1- “How to Install WordPress in cPanel”
Will go through the basic steps to help answer this commonly asked question
This podcast became available August 1, 2010.

Episode 2- “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates Demystified”
Will explain how SSL certificates can be used to make a website more secure
This podcast will be available August 15, 2010

Episode 3- “Installing Custom Web Applications”
Will provide listeners with insight into the process of installing web applications in cPanel
This podcast will be available September 1, 2010

Podcast episodes will be available via direct download from the cPanel Podcast site.* Listeners will also have the option to subscribe via RSS feed or through iTunes.

Listeners may visit for more information about the cPanel podcast series. If you have any questions or topic ideas, please email cPanel at [email protected].