cPanel licence for single website?


Sep 9, 2013
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I just got my personal VPS setup in my house, I used an old pc to instal centos on, and installed openSSH, but now I need a control panel to manage my website. I am only hosting 1 website, which is mine, thats it.

Do I still need a cPanel Licence to host my site?

And I know there are free Panels out there, but I always used cPanel, I NEVER used another Control Panel but cPanel, so I need cPanel.

I will NOT be offering paid/free hosting to anyone, like I said, I am just hosting my site, thats it.

Is there a free cPanel licence? Maybe a free licence to host one site, and one site only?

I really need this, cPanel is the best out there, and i just cant afford another bill every month right now. I have kids to feed, and the money I make from my job, is a joke.

Please someone give me some good news.

Thank You,



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Apr 27, 2006
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Unfortunately no, not as far as I know, you can always drop sales a line however.

If you're only hosting one website locally and have already been able to setup Centos, I'd say there's a fair chance you could just run the site manually without any kind of control panel if you have time to put in the extra learning to finish setting up your box. Good luck!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

cPanel does not offer free licenses. You are welcome to direct any specific license questions to our Customer Service department via email:

[email protected]

Thank you.