Jun 23, 2011
Hi guys,
For the last few years I have used Webalizer for my stats. Accessed by a bookmark and automatically signed in by my computer it has been great. Today the bookmark took me to a cPanel login which will not accept any username or password that I can think of. I'm lost, please suggest what to do in simple language. Thanks, and if you ever want to know how to lamb a ewe, I'm your man!


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Oct 2, 2010
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Hello Farmalama,

Many web hosting providers use our software so it's understandable that many people think we are a web hosting provider. Unfortunately, we do not provide web hosting. We merely build the software that web hosting providers use to help automate their operations.

Helpful Resources to identify your web hosting provider:

▷▷ : Easily find out who hosts a web site
Web Hosting Search Tool |
InterNIC | The Internet's Network Information Center

Once you determine who is hosting the site, you would simply want to contact them to ask them your login details. You might also check your billing records for who you are paying for your site or domain services.