cPanel lost, after switching theme from Paper Lantern to Sonic


Jan 16, 2016
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Hello. Not sure if I'm posting this thread in the right forum, despite consulting the forum guidelines.
I'm new to cPanel and working on my first website. Here's my problem: On the cPanel mainpage for my site, after innocently changing "theme" (or maybe "skin"?...don't remember as I presumed that the page would simply change style) from Paper Lantern to Sonic, I was redirected to a page entitled "Shoutcast Admin Pro v2.1.9" with WHMSONIC logo and the following message - ERROR: We are sorry! You dont have a radio hosting or service. Please contact your hosting provider. I cannot get back to the regular cPanel page. There are no links which allow for it. Now each time I log into cPanel I arrive at the same page and consequently I cannot work on my site. FYI, the address of the incriminating page is Any suggestions ? I'm unsure as to which entity would be able to help...WHM? cPanel? Host? Sure, the error message tells me to contact the host, but I have to go via a colleague to do this. Also the error message suggests that I should contact the host if I'm wanting to get a "radio hosting", which I don't. Thanks for any info.