Cpanel move account and DNS problems


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Feb 3, 2011
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I've recently used the built-in Cpanel "Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server" to move some accounts from one server to another however when domains have a custom IPs for just the "" and "" it will reset these back to the copied to servers IP after the move. We have a few customers that host some websites on other servers but just email and sub domains on the cpanel server. Is this a BUG in the move/copy process or is it intended to reset the IP like this?

In the end I need to keep records of each account and after a move I have to manually reset the DNS A record back to the IP they gave me.


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Nov 2, 2011
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This is not the bug of cPanel/WHM but it is standard setting. Whenever you restore domain from WHM or from cPanel script the restored domain will be pointed to shared IP of the server.

If you want to point the domain to dedicated IP, you can simply change it's IP from WHM > Main >> Account Functions >> Change Site's IP Address


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Oct 2, 2010
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If these account's uses an off server A record, then Change Site's IP Address would not work. The issue here isn't that these accounts have a dedicated IP, since checking dedicated IP during the transfer process would provide a dedicated IP. The issue is that and for the main domain has a different A record IP than their subdomains and email. As such, they are getting the A record changed during the move.

rezman, the way you are doing it currently is indeed the way it is intended to work for a transfer. The way you are manually changing them would be the way it would have to be done. There is a feature request that such special records aren't changed during moves in our feature request forum at this location:

This did prompt an internal case (52354) about the feature request that special zone files are not overwritten during the restore process when they have custom records.