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Sep 4, 2001
I have a few suggestions for the site (I know DarkOrb's sitting there, &oh great, that's just what we need, more suggestions!&). ;) First, that large black annoying text at the top, make it smaller and red toned. It will draw attention still but not look as big and sloppy. It's actually harder to read as is because the words take up so much room on the screen and differentiate from the smaller text sizes.

Next, At the top it would be great to have a few links like one to bugzilla and one to submit a feature request. At the same time remove the bogus forums that just sit there empty. Once people go to bugzilla and look up a report, it would be nicer to have the text about the problem reported above the giant form. When people are looking up a bug report they're usually after the information, not the form.