cPanel Network Services Disruption Statement


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May 20, 2003
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On September 12, just after 12 PM CDT, we experienced an attack on our network that made reaching our websites, and other various services impossible for several hours.

We want to apologize to you, our customers, for this temporary inconvenience and we want to let you know that although this sort of attack seems to be more prevalent and in the news these days as you surely are aware of, our network is secure. At no time was there any customer information or network services compromised whatsoever.

Attacks of this nature are not new, DOS attacks have been around for over a decade now. What is changing though is the size of the attacks and the amount of impact it can have on networks in general.

The attack yesterday was, unfortunately, successful in overwhelming our network as these sorts of attacks can do. And, although we have in place multiple layers of security to protect the network itself, the strain that it placed on our resources, and the remedial measures we implemented to mitigate it's effects on our systems right away, did in fact take some time to have an impact on the situation before all systems became available to you once again.

We are currently evaluating our systems to determine the best course of action, and, we will be adding additional network capacity and processing power to better manage this sort of thing in the future. Attacks of this nature will surely continue and even increase in volume and sophistication going forward, and we intend on meeting and exceeding the demands placed on our systems to provide you with the quality of service you have always relied on us for.


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Aug 21, 2003
La Crosse, WI
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Hi Chuck. Thanks for the great explanation, and for cPanel being so transparent about the event!

I will also say how "naked" I felt, not being able to get into the forums last night, while researching a problem. Google cache only goes so far. Thanks for your help in making the forums such a tremendous information resource.

- Scott
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