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Nov 5, 2001
I'm kindof feeling the same way, actually. I used to pop into the feature request forums every once in a while to see what was being discussed, and maybe add my thoughts, etc..

Now I haven't even been to the new "feature request" area except the first time to use up all my votes.

I think cpanel needs to rethink how they want to do things...

Here's my suggestion:

1. Go back to the forum method. One forum topic for each request. Merge different forum topics that are the same.

2. Allow each member to "vote" on each forum topic by ranking the topic from a scale of 1 (not wanted) to 5 (very important).

This would combine the best of both worlds. The old forum style discussion, with a ranking system (instead of just yes/no) vote.

Anyone who agrees and wants to see this implemented should submit a request to cpanel. Otherwise this suggestion is going to be buried soon and doubtful anyone from cpanel is going to see it.


May 29, 2012
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Root Administrator
Thank you all for your suggestions regarding the new Feature Request System. The first few suggestions we've received were concerning usability of the software. We've been working to address those concerns and to iron out some bugs that were cropping up. I'd like to take a moment to introduce you all to the new changes that affect you guys directly.

Rethink Votes:
With a vote limit it's important to be able to reconsider your vote. You can now remove your vote from a feature that you've voted on previously. This is done by clicking on the "Rethink" option that can now be found on features you've voted for. This option appears both in the listing and on the feature's page.

Sort by Since Last Visit:
You can choose "Since Last Visit" as a time-frame when filtering feature requests. This allows you to easily check to see what's changed since the last time you've visited and can be quickly accessed on the All Features page.

No More Development Queue:
Originally, all new features were going into a development queue so that they would be seen by our development team. Unfortunately, this had the side-effect of causing a long delay before the feature went public. Now, features are moderated solely for spam and duplicates. Once a feature makes it past moderation, which strive to do quicker and quicker, it gets a Needs Review tag so that we can sort them out easier for meetings with development.

Quicker Comments:
Comments are no longer moderated. This allows quicker and more fluid community discussions to help shape all of the new feature requests. If you see any sort of spam, simply flag it and it'll get taken care of.

Sorting Works:
There was an issue with the sorting going crazy. Monarobase provided a great example of this when his feature was showing above other more heavily voted features like DNSSEC. This has been fixed, and everything sorts as it should. This applies to the front page, the all features page, search results, and so forth.

More Features on the Front Page:
Exactly as it sounds. There were only five features on the front page. There are now ten.

Your Browser's Back Button:
Nothing like getting to page 15, clicking on a feature to check it out, and then hitting back only to find that it took you back to page 1. Now, you go back to the page you were on before.

A number of things have also been implemented in the back-end to promote easy maintenance and moderation of the system. None of these things really affect you guys on the front-end.

So, I know the thing you guys really want to talk about is the vote limit, and while you guys feel ignored I'd like to let you know that you're not. Like I mentioned at the start of this, thank you all for your suggestions. Especially the ones in regards to how the voting system works. I would like all of you to know that your opinions are not going unnoticed. We've received and read through each suggestion regardless of how they've gotten to us. When it comes time to address the voting system all of the suggestions will be taken into account.

Where do we go from here? Right now there are a few other projects concerning the Feature Request System in the works. Once those are resolved I'll see if we can get some discussions going on about the voting system and the limit. Until that time I do encourage everyone to continue making suggestions. You can do so here or if you'd like to message me directly you can shoot me a PM through the forums.


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Nov 5, 2001
Thank you for your post. It is nice to see that, even though the changes aren't as I personally wanted, you guys are aware of the "issues" and are trying to fix things up.

+1.5 for cpanel taking time to post and letting us know you still care. :)


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Jan 26, 2010
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I've managed to change a few of my votes but I've just clicked on "Rethink" for two features (removing my votes) but am unable to vote even though I've removed two votes.

You system doesn't display negative votes it's stuck at zero.

Could you check my voting account and see why removing a vote doesn't give me the right to vote again.


Edit :

I fixed this by deleting about 5 votes and now have got 2 votes left… :)

Thanks for listening to our requests, being able to remove votes makes a huge difference.
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